What did you take from your trip?

South Korea (Source: Unsplash)

We travel to different places, experience different things, but how many times have you been able to pause and question yourself, realise what you truly wanted to do. Discover the missing piece that makes you complete?

It was the autumn season in 2019 when I placed my foot in the land of South Korea for the first time. Being a K-pop fan I was really excited by the fact that I was breathing in the same air as my Korean Oppa :P But what’s more exciting was the chance that I got to discover myself through my friend I met in the hostel I was staying at.

During my stay at Hostel Korea — the Guesthouse in Seoul, Korea, I met Janatul Ilmiyah who was from Indonesia. One of the most cheerful and bubbly girls I met during my trip.

She travels to different countries in Asia, procuring things for people in her country, who do not have access to these products. She shares about the products from the places she visits on her Instagram page (@proud.ak ), getting requests from her followers and buying them. With 6K+ followers, she has successfully fulfilled the wants of many people for the last few years. I was studying business, but she was practising it.

When I asked her, how all this started, she told me that when she came to South Korea for student exchange, she wanted to take something back. She soon realized this was something she could do- travelling to different places, realizing her wish of travelling to different places and helping people get products from different Asian countries.

While she shared her story, she left me with one interesting question- “What are you taking back from your exchange term, Abha?

This was my story of how I discovered what I really wanted to do.

That’s why I would say,

“Keep travelling, keep experiencing, keep learning.”

Because that’s how you discover yourself :)



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